9 Reasons to Consider Commercial Cleaning Services for Your Office

Keeping a workspace clean offers many benefits for employees. However, trying to keep your business clean on your own requires a lot of time and effort, whether it’s an office or a large warehouse. Choosing to partner with a company offering professional cleaning services is always a wise investment that can save your employees a lot of hard work. Asking for recommendations or looking at online reviews can help you find a commercial cleaning company that best meets the needs of your company.

Here are a few of the main benefits of using commercial cleaning services.

1) Boost Employee Morale

One reason to consider commercial cleaning is that it helps to improve employee morale. A clean environment makes your entire team feel better, which is essential to employee morale. On the other hand, a dirty or cluttered environment can cause additional stress and lead to numerous problems in the workplace. Staying proactive by hiring commercial cleaning services is always a worthwhile investment for any business.

2) Increase Productivity

Trying to concentrate in a dirty work environment is often challenging. Numerous studies show the importance of the ability to learn and retain information in a clean environment. Reducing clutter will allow your team to focus on work activities without constantly losing their concentration. Over time, this can make a big difference in boosting the productivity levels of your employees.

3) Create a Cleaner Environment

Dirt and grime can easily build up over time within a manufacturing setting. Trying to keep everything clean on your own takes a lot of hard work. Choosing to outsource these cleaning services makes it much easier for you to maintain a clean environment. Keeping everything clean is an excellent way to create a positive work environment while also making a strong first impression on any people that visit your company.

4) Enhance Life of Equipment

Another advantage of using professional cleaning services is that they can often increase the lifespan of your equipment. Keeping everything clean is important to ensure all of your machines are running at an optimal level, which helps to reduce operating costs. Keeping a workspace clean in a manufacturing or warehouse setting is especially important due to the expensive costs of these machines.

5) Stay More Organized

Working in a cluttered environment is often difficult for employees to keep track of items. Constantly searching for misplaced items negatively impacts productivity while also creating more stress. Keeping your workspace clean will help your entire team to stay organized, as they don’t have to constantly worry about looking for different items.

6) Less Sick Days

Trying to run a business without your full staff is never a fun experience. Employees are much more likely to call in sick if they are constantly working in a dirty environment. The best way to avoid this problem is to hire professional cleaners. A clean work environment will reduce the number of sick days, which helps to optimize productivity and improves the bottom line for your business.

7) Access to Professional Cleaning

One of the drawbacks of trying to keep your business clean is that most companies don’t have access to professional cleaning supplies. A lack of access to these items makes it more difficult to deep clean a business while also requiring more time and effort. However, using commercial cleaning services is a great way to fully experience the many benefits of using professionals that have access to state-of-the-art cleaning products.

8) Gain More Space

Storing your cleaning equipment can take up a lot of space. However, using commercial cleaning is a great way to save yourself plenty of space, which gives you the flexibility to store other items. You also won’t have to worry about resupplying your cleaning supplies, which can save you plenty of money over the long term.

9) Maintain a Professional Appearance

A dirty work environment always looks unprofessional. Using expert cleaning services is a great way to keep things clean while maintaining a much more professional appearance. Your entire business will always look clean at all times, which is just one of the many benefits of using commercial cleaning services.

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What Type of Company Can Provide Decontamination Cleaning Services?

With so many businesses out there opening their doors as the pandemic recedes, a host of professional cleaning companies have begun offering decontamination cleaning services to rid properties of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful hazards. Next Level Facility Solutions offers comprehensive disinfection and decontamination services and here, we’ve collected some important information about what makes a reliable decontamination company.

Here you’ll find more information about what precisely decontamination cleaning services do, as well as the different regulations any company that offers them needs to follow.

What Types of Rules Do Decontamination Cleaning Companies Have to Follow?

In order to offer decontamination services, important training is involved and the necessary equipment has to be used to ensure a thorough job. Any company that doesn’t follow the right procedures will be placing not only their clients at risk, but their staff as well, which is why procedural plans for decontamination are so important to follow.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are a few important things to consider that will help ensure the health and safety of your team, as well as your clients. They include:

  • Complying with and training all employees to follow the OSHA’s Blood Borne Pathogens standard.
  • Properly disposing of waste and personal protection equipment once the job is done.
  • Creating a clear, written policy to protect your employees and providing adequate training to all of your team prior to them disinfecting any facility.
  • Developing a written hazard communication plan in case of an emergency, and training all of your employees about any chemicals being handled and the dangers of them.
  • Creating a detailed plan for the protection of your employees that includes testing the respirators they’re using, requiring medical clearance for the use of respirators, and outlining proper procedures to avoid cross-contamination.

How Have State Licensing Requirements Changed Over the Years?

Years ago, after the Hurricane Katrina disaster, many companies began offering mold decontamination services in much the same way we see cleaning companies now offering disinfection services. Unfortunately, back then there weren’t such stringent measures for training and cleaning like there are today. This left many with half-done remediation jobs that ended up causing them serious health problems down the road, due to hidden mold contamination in their homes and businesses that was supposed to be eradicated. This caused a sea change in the industry and many states began enacting laws to strengthen mold assessment and remediation services, making them safer for consumers. Thankfully, much of these same laws and requirements apply to decontamination cleaning services.

Biological Decontamination Regulations

Although mold remediation regulations exist at the state level, they’re not federally regulated like biological decontamination cleaning services are. This includes disinfection services designed to deal with COVID-19 and other viruses, bacteria, and biological waste. These guidelines are provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

According to the OSHA, anyone performing decontamination services that involve biological hazards like viruses or diseases are legally required to undergo training under their HAZWOPER guidelines. These guidelines cover everything from chemical and biological remediation procedures to nuclear and explosive clean-up services. It’s important to note that any company that doesn’t follow such procedures can be heavily fined.

The guidelines include many different aspects, such as:

Proper documentation procedures

Employing the use of appropriate personal protective equipment

Following outlined decontamination procedures

Having a respiratory protection program

Performing on and off-site surveys

Properly setting up at a job site

Performing a hazard analysis

Creating safety and hazard communication plans

& More!

Is HAZWOPER Certification Needed to Decontaminate the COVID-19 Virus?

Before answering the question above, there are several important considerations to make, such as what a declared emergency requiring HAZWOPER certification looks like. What if a cleaning crew has been hired to solely perform preventative measures, is the certification needed then?

According to the OSHA, if you’re responding to a declared emergency involving a hazardous substance all those working in the area need HAZWOPER training, including workers handling post-emergency response clean-up services. Additionally, those decontaminating an area and trying to stop the spread of a virus or biological decontamination will need to have at least 24 hours of training; those simply providing preventative measures, a minimum of 8 hours.

An emergency can be declared by either an individual entity, or the local, state, and federal government. Coronavirus is considered a biological threat because it has the potential to kill 2-5% of the people that it infects.

Why Choose Next Level Facility Solutions?

Next Level Facility Solutions offers a proactive decontamination program designed to eradicate viruses like COVID-19 on contact, as well as provide surface-level disinfection throughout your entire business. We of course adhere to all of the local and federal regulations and the guidelines laid out by the CDC and WHO.

We provide general decontamination services as well as:

  • Emergency Cleaning Services: Has someone in your facility contracted the COVID-19 virus? If so, Next Level Facility Solutions offers rapid response emergency cleaning solutions, disinfecting it so you can open for business again ASAP!
  • Disinfectant Fogging: This is a thorough disinfection method that provides a deep clean, reaching all of those hard-to-reach surfaces throughout your building. It’s also quick and affordable and works as a great preventative measure against the spread of COVID-19.
  • Services for All Businesses: Next Level Facility Solutions is equipped to perform decontamination services for every type of business and has worked with medical care facilities, gyms, offices, and more.

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For those in need of emergency decontamination cleaning services, disinfectant fogging, or general disinfection services, Next Level Facility Solutions can help. We also specialize in carpet cleaning, tile and floor solutions, and many more commercial cleaning services, so contact us online today or call (859) 333-1211 (Lexington) or (502) 416-0022 (Louisville).