How Decontamination Cleaning Services Protect a Business

It’s More Important Than Ever for Businesses to Hire Decontamination Cleaning Services

As much as we’d all like it to go away, COVID-19 continues to be a threat well into 2021.  Rather than fading into the background, it’s mutating into more dangerous and virulent forms, making it more important than ever to protect your business, your employees, and your customers. 

It’s certainly helpful to require masks and other personal protective gear, as well as other protective items such as plastic guard walls.  However, these measures will only do so much to stop the spread of the virus.  To truly keep your business clean and safe, you need professional decontamination cleaning services which are capable of disinfecting your entire business.

How do decontamination cleaning services work, and why are they so valuable to businesses during a pandemic?  Let’s take a look.

How Decontamination Cleaning Services Protect a Business

The key to office decontamination is to closely follow WHO and CDC guidelines on safety.  A good decontamination service will remain up to date on best practices, so they know how to thoroughly cleanse and remove disease contamination within a building.  

This primarily involves spraying effective anti-microbial agents around the office which will kill any bacteria, viruses, and other germs which may be hanging around.  Thoroughness is required!  A good decontamination service will look to disinfect every inch of your store or office for maximum effectiveness.

Basic spraying can also be accompanied by other proven, effective measures such as:

  • UV Lights:  COVID-19 and its variations are highly susceptible to ultraviolet light, so many cleaners utilize high-powered UV bulbs as a secondary method to eliminate germs.
  • Foggers.  Fogging sprays are one of the best ways of getting anti-microbial agents into every nook and cranny within an office.  These can be deployed overnight or over a weekend, to minimize disruption to the business.

By combining cutting-edge techniques with professional experience, decontamination cleaning services can make your office much safer!

Why Hire Decontamination Cleaning Services?

Why hire professionals to take care of your decontamination?  There are numerous reasons.

1 – The right tools for the right job

Professional cleaning services have access to high-grade cleaning products and tools which aren’t commonly available to the public.  Many of the most effective cleansing agents are dangerous enough that they aren’t sold in stores and can only be handled by licensed professionals.  These are the products that are going to be most effective at eliminating a viral load within an office.

The same goes for distribution systems.  A good disinfecting service is going to have high-powered sprayers, foggers, and other specific tools of the trade.  You want them to use the best possible equipment to ensure the best disinfectant coverage.

2 – Deep knowledge of where to clean

While a disinfecting service is going to endeavor to clean the entire building, it’s also important to focus on all the objects and items that are most likely to have viral loads on them.  This particularly includes areas where employees spend most of their time, and ‘common areas’ where many people are all going to be touching the same objects.  For example:

  • Chairs, tables, and other items in conference rooms
  • Drawers, cabinets, and appliances in break rooms
  • Door handles
  • Power switches
  • Thermostats and other climate controls
  • Water fixtures such as faucets and drinking fountains
  • Everything in the bathrooms
  • Employee chairs, desks, and computers – particularly the keyboards
  • Shared-use office supplies such as paper cutters, hole punches, etc.

The more experienced your decontamination service is, the better they’ll be to find all those little places where COVID-19 is most likely to hide.

3 – Offer safety assurances to your customers and visitors

Many people in the public are still hesitant to go out and worry about their safety when visiting businesses.  If you want to encourage people to come to visit anyway, you need to be able to offer them assurances – which is exactly what decontamination cleaning services can provide. 

Most such services will provide signs, stickers, and other indicators that a building is being regularly cleaned and disinfected.  People know to look for these signs, and that businesses that are keeping up with cleaning are those which will be safe to visit.  Right now, protecting people’s health and safety is also a major selling point that can help reduce loss during the outbreak.

4 – Improve employee productivity

Even though COVID-19 has relatively low fatality rates, it can still trigger serious illness that often keeps people sick for several days or even weeks.  This could cause a major hit to productivity if an outbreak happened within your building!  Many businesses simply couldn’t afford to have large numbers of people out sick, but that’s what would happen if COVID gets loose.

Plus, of course, decontamination services aren’t only targeting COVID-19.  Their disinfectants will take out all germs in a building.  So along with preventing coronavirus outbreaks, you should see an overall reduction in employee sickness, even from more basic diseases such as colds and flu.

5 – Emergency disinfection services

What do you do if you find out someone at your office has contracted COVID-19?  It’s important to have your property disinfected as soon as possible, to prevent any further spread of the disease.  Professional decontamination contamination will be able to offer emergency services, coming in within hours of a call, so they can quickly and effectively reduce the chances of further spread and outbreak.

Fast action is needed if you want to keep a bad situation from getting worse.

6 – Fitting decontamination into your busy schedule

Decontaminating an office isn’t a quick or easy task, but professional decontamination cleaning services can schedule their work to interfere with your business as little as possible.  They can work overnight, or on weekends, or whenever else your schedule is free.  This allows you to keep employees and visitors safe, without further cutting into productivity or open hours.  

In particular, services such as fogging need to be done after hours.  These sort of high-intensity decontamination methods can be dangerous to people without protection, so they should be conducted when everyone else is out of the office.

Next Level Facility Solutions Offers Strong COVID-19 Protections Across Kentucky

For years, Next Level Facility Solutions has provided the best in janitorial and cleaning services across Louisville, Lexington, and greater Kentucky.  We’ve upgraded our services in response to COVID-19, and now we offer some of the most comprehensive decontamination cleaning services in the area – and still at competitive prices!

Along with our professional, thorough cleanings, we focus on communication with our customers.  Every client gets a personalized cleaning plan and will receive detailed messages and updates on each cleaning.  We want to keep you in the loop at all times, so you know how your cleaning is being handled!

So whether you simply need decontamination to keep your workers and visitors safe, or there’s been a confirmed outbreak and you need immediate cleaning services, contact us to schedule an appointment!