Understanding the Different Phases for Post-Construction Cleaning in Louisville

Construction zones for businesses are always well-known for being dirty. The entire construction process creates plenty of dirt, dust, and debris that can easily contaminate any site. Investing in construction cleaning in Louisville, KY, is always a wise decision in giving a site a detailed cleaning to ensure it’s ready for a business to begin moving into the building once everything is finished.

Here is an overview of the different phases for post-construction cleaning.

Rough Cleaning Process

The first stage of post-construction cleaning is known as the “rough clean,” as it happens in the midst of the construction of a building. This cleaning process starts once all of the wiring, plumbing, and framing are finished. Professional cleaners will remove any debris on-site while also cleaning the area before the next stage of construction begins. The rough cleaning process is important in keeping a clean construction environment.

Final Clean Phase

The next stage of the cleaning process is known as the “final clean”. This process happens once all of the construction is finished. The final clean phase is always the most thorough cleaning process, as it usually takes a few days to finish. Professional cleaners will focus on deep cleaning all of the surfaces while repeating any steps if necessary. Power washing is often used on the exterior surface to remove any stains or dust that can accumulate during the construction process.

Touch-Up Clean Process

The touch-up cleaning process is the last phase for post-construction cleaning. All of the contractors are finished with their work, as it allows the cleaning team to wipe down doors, windows, and mirrors. All of the surfaces in the building will be wiped down to eliminate dust and to ensure everything looks spotless. These professional cleaners will follow a detailed checklist to ensure everything is taken care of before the keys are handed over to the business owners.

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